Solidarity with Iran (SI) condemns the Assassination of Iranian Scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan

Associated Press

January 13, 2012

Another Iranian scientist has been assassinated inside Iran. This is the fifth Iranian scientist assassinated in Iran during the past two years. This is an indication of the escalation of the covert activities conducted by the CIA and Israeli intelligence and their domestic spies in Iran against the government and people of Iran.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated, "I want to categorically deny any United States involvement in any kind of act of violence inside Iran." However, both the Israeli and the American governments have admitted to covert activity in Iran. Irrespectively of the actors, the assassination of law abiding scientists living and working in Iran is a reprehensible act that should be condemned by all. The fact is that the governments of the US and Israel have declared Iran as their enemy and have publically stated that they will use all means possible, up to military attack, to stop the nuclear energy production in Iran and to change the government of Iran. To this end they have admitted to:

  1. Using hacking to disrupt nuclear energy facilities in Iran
  2. Conducting covert operations in Iran
  3. Deploying spy drones to Iran
  4. Imposing draconian sanctions against Iran
  5. Deploying US Navy ships to the Persian Gulf
  6. Directly threatening Iran with military attack.

The assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists falls within the covert activities in disrupting nuclear energy production in Iran. In addition, it works to create an atmosphere of fear among regular Iranian scientists who want to work in their field of study. However, the people of Iran have repeatedly stated their resolve to defend their right to nuclear energy. The mother of Mr. Ahmadi Roshan, the 32-year-old scientist, has stated that she is proud of the work of her son in the service of his country and she has urged all young Iranian scientists, especially the nuclear-energy scientists, to continue serving their country to achieve success and advancement.

Considering that Hillary Clinton threatened Iran with military attack, it is disingenuous for her to state that the US denies involvement in any violence within Iran. A military attack on Iran, especially an attack on Iran's nuclear energy facilities, which will produce results similar to a nuclear attack (US Concerned Scientists report), will be the most violent act against the people of Iran and will result in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths.

All the actions listed above sanctioned by the US government are directed at weakening the Iranian government and economy, creating an atmosphere of fear and dissatisfaction among the people, increasing unrest, and decreasing trust, all in the service of making it easier for a military attack on Iran. Of course, so far, they have only strengthened the Iranian people’s resolve to protect their country against Imperialism.

Such actions were carried out against the government of Iraq in preparation for a military attack and occupation.

Saddam Hussein came to power through a coup and assassination of the previous ruler. Hussein attacked Iran, used chemical weapons against the Iranian soldiers and the Kurdish people, and attacked Kuwait. Although Saddam Hussein did all these things, the US was not justified in attacking Iraq, and the political forces who were in favor of the attack had to tell lies to convince the American people to support it. An attack on Iran would be even more heinous because beyond the general indefensibility of international interference, the government of Iran has not attacked another country or used chemical weapons and it came to power through a nonviolent peoples' revolution.

So, the similarity is in the US actions aimed towards any government that fails to submit to the Washington consensus. This disobedience or defiance on the part of Iran is its “crime”.

It is extremely important that all international and especially American antiwar and progressive organizations condemn these acts of assassination of innocent citizens and all forms of violent and aggressive actions by the US, Israel, and the Iranian opposition.

  1. Condemn assassination of Iranian scientists.
  2. End all sanctions against Iran.
  3. End covert activities inside Iran.
  4. End all war threats against Iran.