´╗┐Video: Interview with Simin Royanian on the 2009 Presidential Election in Iran

This summary includes some of the questions posed in the four parts.

Part One

Q: Who is your candidate of choice in the 2009 Iran elections and why?

Q: Some argue that Ahmadinejad's speeches are harsh against the west and that causes tension; do you agree?

Q: If Iran is in such a good position domestically, then why are people protesting against Ahmadinejad?

Q: So are you suggesting that young Iranians are actually protesting against the core values of the Islamic Republic instead?


Part Two

Q: So, if young Iranians want change, do you see these protests as a means for them to get those changes, or not?
A: I believe that this may not serve their interest . . .

Q: Don't you think that the Islamic Republic has made it so difficult for Iranians to be able to get change the legal way that protesting is the only answer?

Q: What do you think the western powers want?

Q: What do you think the US is doing to flame the fires in [the] Iran protest, if they are doing anything at all?


Part Three

Q: Some may argue that the privitization of Iran [sic] may be to its benefit, instead of the way it is now.

Q: Are you suggesting that Iranians in Iran should stop protesting?

Q: [It's] not fair to compare [the] US [to] Iran, since it is much easier to get a permit in the US for protest than it is in Iran.

Q: [Whom] does Ahmadinejad represent and [whom] does Mousavi represent?


Part Four

(continues answer to question from previous part)

Q: What is your opinion about Iran's involvement in Palestine?

Q: What does an ideal Iran look like to you?
A: Of course, I would like to see a socialist government. But at the minimum, . . . I would like to see a secular government, because I believe in equality among all . . .