Women for Peace and Justice in Iran

Antiwar Demonstrations in Iran


On the second anniversary of the US war on Iraq, the Iranian people marched for peace in solidarity with the ranks of peace loving people across the world.

Here are some slogans from the antiwar protest in Tehran on the second anniversary of the US war on Iraq.

It is very important to spread the news of the antiwar sentiments of the people of Iran. It is important to realize that there is solidarity among the people of the Middle East. The Iraq government under the rule of Saddam Hussein, with the encouragement and support of the US government, imposed an 8- year war on Iran. The people of Iran, however, are opposed to war and its devastations; they do not have animosity against the people of Iraq. If the people of Iran show their opposition of a US war on Iraq, no one should believe the lies of the US government that the Iranian people would welcome US government intervention in their internal affairs.

Women for Peace and Justice in Iran


We stand for Peace and Justice for all.

We hold that:

  • The survival of the people of the world depends on a lasting world peace.

  • Peace is only possible through justice for all --
    Social, Economic, and Environmental justice for all people --
    People of any age, ability, gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political ideology, religious belief or secular outlook.

SR/wjw 2005-03-25